The battle of the bollards (Please help!)

Could I ask a huge favour of anyone in Dublin 7 (or who is Dublin 7-adjacent)?

This request is part of my nerdiness and also my need to feel safe while cycling (since walking leaves me in pain), so if you can help I would be hugely grateful.

In the last few days, Dublin City Council have put in a couple of changes in Dublin 7. I think they improve safety and are a benefit to the community, but there is a lot of strong opposition.

The changes are:

  1. On Manor Street, bollards have been put in to keep the cycle lane clear – this is outside Grano and DrinkStore, etc., where there have often been cars illegally parked.

These bollards have been put in as part of the Council’s Covid plan of temporary measures.

  1. On Grangegorman, bollards and tree planters have been installed outside the TUD campus to make the street a pedestrian-friendly “quiet way” and prevent motor vehicles travelling through Grangegorman. Vehicles still have full access, but have to go back the way they came (so, it’s like a cul de sac if you’re driving).

These changes are part of a four-week trial.


Some people opposed to the changes are contacting local Councillors in numbers, and so if you support the changes I’m asking you to tell your Councillors, too.

(I’m also asking for selfish reasons, because these streets have been so hostile for anyone walking or cycling, that I’ve mostly avoided them – but now, they might finally be safely accessible.)

I’ve listed local Councillor email addresses below, and further below I have included some of the key points I think are relevant – please feel free to use these if you’re emailing your representatives.

Thanks a million, and if you want to chat about this (or life in general) please do give me a shout. :)


Councillor email addresses

If you can also CC this will also go to the officials in Dublin City Council who are working on these projects.


Manor Street key points 

  • Bollards recently installed on the west side of Manor Street (along the northbound cycle lane, outside businesses including Manor DIY, The Green Door, Grano and DrinkStore).
  • Installed as a temporary measure under the Council’s interim Covid plan.
  • Allow access through, and to these places, safely by bike.
  • Previously, persistent illegal parking in the bike lane  resulted in danger to people cycling.
  • The bollards ensure greater safety for locals cycling on Manor Street and allow for safe access to businesses.
  • Expressing: my support for this measure
  • Asking: for your full support as a Councillor to this temporary change.


Grangegorman key points 

  • Bollards and tree planters installed on Grangegorman: access only for motor vehicles (no through traffic).
  • Part of a four-week trial to make the street quieter and safer for pedestrians.
  • Previously, this route has been used as a ‘rat run’
  • Residential area, schools and TUD campus
  • Expressing: my support for this measure
  • Asking: for your full support as a Councillor to this four-week trial.


Grangegorman trial. Image: Dublin City Council

At the Copa Grangegorman. Image: Dublin City Council.