Hello! Thanks for visiting.

This site, like me, is very much a work in progress. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m interested in human rights and equality, particularly in Irish domestic affairs, international affairs and women in sport. My interests also include: formal and informal politics; social movements; public policy; media and representation; inclusion and exclusion; and the nature of society, democracy and authoritarianism.

Through my studies I’ve a background in law, political science, international relations, sociology and a sprinkling of anthropology. Through my work, I have experience in working with refugees in Ireland (including working with separated children), survivors of human trafficking, international and domestic law, human rights law, research and drafting, online editing, writing, social media and strategic communication. Through everything else, I’m well versed in tea, family, friends, kickboxing, reading, travel, art and running around parks.

Do say hi. Especially if you’d like to hire me.

Email: hello [at] joan [dot] ink

@joan_ie / @clicky_here


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